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Robin Freeman

Support Teacher

Robin Freeman

Robin graduated from the University of Oregon in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders and Sciences with an interest in Autism. At college, Robin found her true calling for education and Autism related studies and directed her efforts towards helping others affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Robin's interest in this area began when her younger brother was diagnosed with ASD. He is now in high school and they enjoy playing games together, building Star Wars Legos and discovering independence in daily life. When he was younger she would often watch his Speech Therapist at work and was inspired by his teacher, realizing the impact one could make on a child’s life and deciding she was going to be that person for others.

After graduation, Robin began working at a local Autism Gym where she learned a great foundation for helping others on the Autism Spectrum, including ABA and the many ways in which educators can help students succeed. She has the core belief to meet students where they are currently at and help shape their abilities to their fullest potential. It was here that she met some amazing families who introduced her to Victory Academy. She is now a Registered Behavior Technician and implementing Acceptance and Commitment Training.

In her free time, Robin enjoys hiking in the great Pacific Northwest and traveling. She is always looking for the best views and adventures. Robin also enjoys working out at OrangeTheory doing HIIT workouts and busting out some miles on the spin bike. She also explores Portland's food culture any chance she gets.


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