Oregon’s only year-round school for children, teens, and young adults with Autism and related learning differences.

Jewel Allgaier

Teaching Assistant

jewel allgaierJewel was born and raised in Eastern Washington with her large blended family. She grew up with an older autistic sister who showed her that her passion is making the world more accessible for disabled people. Jewel moved to Oregon in 2019 and is a recent Music Therapy graduate from Pacific University.

In 2022, Jewel was placed at Victory Academy to practice music therapy and immediately fell in love with the school. She is so happy to work here while she waits for an internship in 2024 to fully complete her music therapy degree.

In her free time, Jewel likes to write songs, play music, cuddle her roommate's cat, visit her family in Washington, and spend time in nature.


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