Oregon’s only year-round school for children, teens, and young adults with Autism and related learning differences.

Jonathan Holliday

Math and Science Specialist

johnny hollidayJonathan, AKA Johnny, grew up in the Black Forest area in Southern Germany. With a fascination for the arts and sciences, he pursued a life science degree and received his Master’s in Biological Research in 2016. Shortly after relocating with his partner to the U.S., Johnny began working as a behavior therapist with children and adolescents with Autism. Intrigued by the experiences and strong connections he made with students of all ages, he developed a passion for teaching and especially for working with youth. He is currently working towards a Master’s in Education and Oregon teaching credential at a local university.

Johnny enjoys connecting with nature, including hiking and camping while capturing his surroundings with sketchbook drawings. Much of his leisure time goes into activities that both challenge and bring out his creativity: Playing the guitar and piano, crafting things in wood, and computer programming and coding.

Johnny joined Victory in 2019 and is excited to share his creativity with all the students.


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