Oregon’s only year-round school for children, teens, and young adults with Autism and related learning differences.

Heather Mackay

Co-Lead Teacher

heather mackayHeather started work at Victory in December 2020. Originally from the Bay Area, Heather considers herself native to both California and Oregon. She is married and has two adult children, although Heather openly admits that she believes her golden retriever, Opal, is her third child. When she's not doting on her dog, Heather can be found hiking, exploring the beach, painting furniture and walls, or creating what she calls "fence boards."

Heather has a BA in Speech Pathology/Audiology, a Masters in Deaf Education as well as a PsyD in Clinical Psychology. She found psychology didn't satisfy her need to be creative and quickly realized that she is happiest in an educational setting. She has previously taught Montessori, as well as early intervention deaf/hard of hearing for Northwest Regional Educational Service District.


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