Parent Testimonials

Little Victories

We moved to the Portland area for two reasons: so my twin girls with Autism could attend Victory Prep within Victory Academy. They had not even been accepted yet, but I knew it was where they needed to be! It was the best decision for our family. Since their first day of school, my girls have learned new and amazing things every day. They are constantly "mastering" skills, such as bike riding, playing dollhouse, and learning to eat new foods, all things I might not have thought possible, or at least at the rate they were progressing prior to Victory. The staff is skilled, dedicated, and compassionate, even going so far as to contact me after hours via email or text to make sure that they were ok after a rough day or illness, or to send me a cute picture of what they did that day. The staff takes copious data on their progress and sends home a communication folder with daily reports. Open communication is desired and I never feel like I am bothering them with my questions. Victory Academy is quite simply a remarkable place and a model that other schools across the country should aspire to.

A national leader right here in Portland

My husband and I visited campuses in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington, DC looking for the right school for our son, Prashant. We were certain that a larger market would have the best options. We were wrong. Victory Academy was in our own backyard and offered Prashant everything he needed. At Victory, we have found customized academics that Prashant tackles independently; executive functioning and social skills instruction; and a faculty that uses every interaction as a teaching opportunity. At Victory, no one lets Prashant slide by without saying, "hello." He must participate fully, and we have already seen more language, better greetings, and greater responsibility and independence in homework and outings. Victory does not just accommodate the challenges of autism. Victory teaches its students how to move through them.

A World of Hope

We needed a school for our son that would protect him, nurture his intellectual side, and show him how to manage himself and thrive in a community. He gets that every single day, and we are thrilled. Victory Academy has a unique blend of professionals who know Autism, and they understand things don’t always look the same to our kids as they might to others His teachers are helping him discover who he is and what positive things he can become. We are encouraged as we see him show he can be flexible when his schedule changes; we are also grateful when he says, “Thank you, that was a good dinner,” because we’ve never heard that before. The changes may be small – he makes jokes with his teachers instead of feeling threatened by them, and he plays with many kids at recess and has fun instead of standing by himself. But those small changes add up to a big win for our son. He fits in here, he is making progress, and we have a world of hope for him now.

- The Thompson Family

We Made the Right Decision

We moved to Oregon in the summer of 2011 so our son Michael could attend the Victory Academy. We were very hopeful and very nervous about whether we were doing the right thing. Now over a year later, we know we made the right decision. The staff at Victory has made such a difference in Michael’s life and in all of our lives. They look at each child and see their potential and work tirelessly to help them be successful.

Michael is nonverbal, and unfortunately that has sometimes meant others write him off and assume he can’t learn. Not here at Victory. They are teaching him to type to communicate and through that communication have found out that he knows how to read and do math! They have given Michael a voice and hope for the future.

We can never repay them for what they are giving our family. We are just thankful they are here. They are touching so many lives and really making a difference.

Jennifer and Phil Roland

Loved, Supported, and Understood

Our family has been with Victory Academy since it opened its doors. There were only eight students back then, our son Ezra one of them. I’m not surprised, and am thrilled, to see what Victory has become. We were initially relieved to have found VA simply because we had finally found a place our Ezra could be honored, celebrated for who he is, and understood.

Over time, though, the reasons we stay increase. The teachers and therapists are consistently gifted, well beyond anything we’d experienced before VA. As a parent who is extremely concerned with the idea that autistic children are often made to feel that they have to change who they are to be okay in the world, I have been so happy with the way the staff works with my son. All of the work he does at school, whether academic or therapeutic, is thoughtfully matched to his skills and challenges.

My biggest concern for Ezra is that he go through life with a solid sense of self-worth. In a society that is just beginning to build autism awareness and opportunities for people with autism, this I believe will be his greatest asset. With the education and immense respect and care he’s receiving at Victory, I know he’ll always be at his fullest potential.

Kerry Cohen

Our son is thriving!

Since our son started attending Victory Academy in September 2015, each of his school days starts with him smiling. We love the fact that he is learning life and social skills, along with academics, and it has been great seeing him become more independent. The staff and parent community are also incredibly supportive.  

We could not have made a better choice of relocating from Nebraska to Portland!

Success in Victory Prep

After looking into multiple program options where my son could access services that would encourage his growth and development, specifically those related to his language and social communication, I could not have been more pleased with my choice of Victory Academy. My son is in the Victory Prep classroom, where in the past 6 months I have seen a transformation that has made a significant impact on our lives. His attentiveness, improvement in his non-verbal communication, and now the expression of language with sounds and a few words, I might add, brings the biggest smile to my face. I am so proud of this kiddo. I owe this to the amazing group of therapist and teachers he works with in the classroom. The communication between myself and the faculty is not only appreciated but extremely helpful. Working on new goals, mastering tasks, offering at home “assignments” that help to build on the success in the classroom, gives me the tools to better communicate with my son. My family also recognizes that the teachers care so much about each child, and I feel that my son is very much a priority in his classroom as are the other kids. I look forward to seeing more progress in the school year.


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