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Victory Academy High School Program: Years One, Two, Three, and Four

Students in the Victory Academy High School Program are age (15-18) and qualify as a first-year, second-year, third-year, or fourth-year high school student in Victory’s two diploma tracks (modified and regular). Most high school students are modified diploma candidates. Full diploma candidates access required lab science courses at Horizon Christian High School, who partners with Victory Academy.

These students have access to appropriate academic curriculum, customized to each child’s learning profile and aligned with Oregon and national standards. Victory’s high school students learn successfully in diverse groupings, including pairs and whole and small group instruction. Some students are able to self-monitor their own behavior in order to learn independently, while other students require moderate to full support.

These students are immersed in dynamic worlds of practice and more practice! These areas include: executive functioning (implementing strategies to support working memory, planning, and organization skills) self-care, emotional regulation, effective communication, and social etiquette and cognition. High school students work on identifying their own personal strengths and challenges and learning how to negotiate both simple and complex relationships with adults, peers, and family members (in order to make and maintain friendships, as well as other relationships).

The top priority of Victory’s High School Program is to graduate our students into lives of purpose, happiness, and independence—whether this is meaningful employment, community college or university studies, or additional transition-related work.

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